We run the oldest teahouse architecture in Miyagawa-cho, Gion as a ryokan. Enjoy extraordinary Kyoto.

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5 types: Whole building rental, 2nd floor/front room, 2nd floor/back room, 1st floor charter, and 2nd floor charter.

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About Ryokan Sawai

The building of Ryokan Sawai is a traditional Kyoto architecture with a history of over 120 years.
This building is presumed to have already existed in the late Edo period (19th century).
It has long been operated as a teahouse in Miyagawa-cho, a Hanamachi (street of maiko), and has traditional structures and characteristics unique to teahouses.
The hall on the first floor was used as a ballroom dance hall in the early 20th century, and retains the atmosphere of the Meiji era, when Japanese and Western cultures mixed.

Ryokan Sawai was inherited from the previous landlady who had been running it since the 1970s.
In 2018, we renovated mainly the water area so as not to spoil the charm and taste of the old building, so the function is the latest.
We hope that our guests will fully enjoy the culture of Hanamachi and spend a relaxing and enjoyable time in the traditional teahouse architecture.
Please come over to Ryokan Sawai. We'll be expecting you.

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Company Name Kyoto Sawai LLC
Location 605-0801
Miyagawa-suji 4-320, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Phone 075-541-9777

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